Tetralogica: Reno's expert I.T. services and consultations.

Thank you for visiting Tetralogica!
Expert I.T. services, and consultations; consumer, and commercial.
Low cost, high quality solutions: general services and repairs, security, servers, networking, websites, and more.
Having over 25 years of unique experience; from polymorphic intrusion systems, to zero day exploits. What ever your problem, what ever your question; Tetralogica has, or will find a solution for you.

Having troubles with your computer? Need to recover data from an old system?
General services start at $40
Are you have networking issues, or random drop outs?
On-site networking services start at $75.
Want to protect yourself from hackers? Concerned your systems, or network may be at risk, or compromised?
Security services start at $100.
Interested in setting up your own web server, VPN, or any other online service? Have a server online, and need routine, or emergency maintenance?
Looking for a custom, professional, and secure website? Tired of the plethora of exploits aimed towards Wordpress websites?
Need a consultation cause you're not sure which way you need to go? Or need some questions answered, and viable options?
Over the phone consultations for established customers, are free, or discounted. Most over the phone residential questions, or single system consultations are free.
Consultations start at $100
All services are flat rate, no hourly prices; starting rates are for residential services.

General services starting at $40*

Networking services starting at $75*

Security services starting at $100*

Server services starting at $100*


*-Residential/Consumer prices

Business/Commercial services available

Call the office 775-470-5299 or the mobile 775-772-8528 for an appointment.